Wedding locations in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Wedding Locations

Palm Springs wedding locations - The wedding locations found in Palm Springs and surrounding areas make our palm desert community a world class destination wedding location. Click and find the Palm Springs wedding location of your choice by visiting our wedding “Ceremony / Reception Sites.”

Palm Springs Wedding Locations

Palm Springs wedding locations venue coordinator - we have provided below a free 14-page downloadable article of what you should make sure to ask your prospective venue coordinator when you first speak with him/her about your marriage. Their responses, as well as attitude, will speak volumes about their service.

Simply, download the Venues Section (PDF) of our Private Weddings Library. This is where you can find in-depth expert information about everything you’ll need to know about selecting the right Palm Springs wedding locations for your ceremony and reception. And best of all, it’s printable, so you can take it with you whenever you visit one of our beautiful Palm Springs wedding locations.

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Palm Springs Wedding Location

Specialized Wedding Services, situated in the exquisite Palm Springs, California area, was created by Reverend Virginia Surrell, R.Sc.F., so that the bride and groom might express their loving commitment to one another in a unique and truly beautiful marriage ceremony. Reverend Virginia’s warm pleasant manner and delightful presentation brings to life the ceremony of your dreams. Reverend Virginia only officiates at one marriage ceremony on any given day at a Palm Springs wedding location or other location of your choice.

Reverend Virginia performs your ceremony at the Palm Springs wedding location of your choice!

An ordained minister and nondenominational wedding officiant, Reverend Virginia provides the couple with a variety of time-tested ceremonial selections from which to choose. These selections form the foundation of what will become a lovely, highly tailored and very personal customized wedding ceremony. Or, if preferred, Reverend Virginia helps the bride and groom write their own very special vows, further customizing the marriage ceremony.

Adding the very touching and memorable Rose Ceremony, Unity Candle, Breaking the Glass, a Children's Ceremony or something still different — something the bride and groom alone have created, further enhances our ceremonies. In the alternative, for those already married, you may wish to consider a Renewal of Vows Ceremony, a commitment to a loving lifestyle and a reawakening to future years together.

The bride and groom may even select the color of Reverend Virginia's robe, which she wears while officiating the service; or, for a more casual affair, you may select from an assortment of other wearing apparel. And, your photographers may click away during the entire ceremony, thus creating an everlasting memento of this day.

As a final remembrance, Reverend Virginia presents the bride and groom with a beautifully printed copy of their ceremony — a keepsake to cherish forever.

Whether a large wedding at an elegant hotel or country club, or a small wedding in our lovely Garden Chapel, there is an alternative to the Las Vegas wedding! Come to the Palms Spring, California area and enjoy the sumptuous lifestyle of the desert communities — the many country clubs, hotels, spas, golf courses, tennis gardens and casinos — the lifestyle of the rich and famous!