Palm Springs Weddings - enjoy the many country clubs, hotels, spas, golf courses, tennis gardens and casinos - the lifestyle of the rich and famous!

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Palm Springs Weddings

Palm Springs Weddings by Specialized Wedding Services is situated in the exquisite Palm Springs, California area. Palm Springs Weddings was created by Reverend Virginia Surrell, R.Sc.F., so that the bride and groom might express their loving commitment to one another in a unique and truly beautiful Palm Springs Weddings ceremony. Reverend Virginia’s warm pleasant manner and delightful presentation brings to life the wedding of your dreams. Reverend Virginia officiates at ceremonies given for couples coming from a wide variety of religious traditions, as well as for those who prefer not to identify with any religion. Reverend Virginia only officiates at one wedding on any given day; so, if one of your special guests is late, she is not running off to another wedding — she is there for you! A sound system is also provided, so all your guests will hear the entire ceremony.

It is Reverend Virginia's desire to assist each couple in making their wedding day one that will always be remembered, a day they will cherish for all the days of their lives. The Reverend is committed to assisting the couple in creating a ceremony that will reflect exactly what they want, a ceremony that fulfills all of their wishes and dreams. Each ceremony is unique and performed in a sincere, warm and caring manor. As the bridal couple have been dreaming of this very special day for some time, Reverend Virginia will make their dreams come true, as she creates a ceremony that is both inspirational and just perfect for them.

Selecting a Minister / Officiant — we have provided below a free 10-page downloadable article of what you should make sure to ask your prospective wedding officiant, when you first interview with them. Many people have churches, synagogues or other religious centers where they are members, so choosing the Officiant is a fairly obvious and simple task.... However, the majority are faced with hiring someone they don’t know to perform their ceremony. For those of you, simply download our free, "What to Ask the Prospective Officiant" article (PDF) from our Private Weddings Library, this is where you can find in-depth expert information about everything you’ll need to know about selecting the right wedding Officiant.

Whether a large wedding at an elegant hotel or country club, or a small wedding in our lovely Garden Chapel, there is an alternative to the Las Vegas wedding! Come to the Palm Springs, California area and enjoy the sumptuous lifestyle of the desert communities — the many country clubs, hotels, spas, golf courses, tennis gardens and casinos — the lifestyle of the rich and famous!


  • Reverend Virginia, We want to express our very sincere thanks to you for making our wedding ceremony a lovely experience. We so appreciated your thoughtful attention to detail and your very calm and accommodating manner. Our families agreed that you performed a beautiful ceremony. With gratitude, M. & J.

  • Reverend Virginia, Thanks so much for performing a lovely ceremony and accommodating all our needs. Many guests remarked on the beautiful ceremony and how distinguished you looked in your robes. Thanks also for the flawless sound equipment. I. & M.

  • Dear Reverend Virginia, We want you to know how much we enjoyed having you officiate our wedding. We had the most beautiful wedding, we could have imagined! It was so comforting to have your serenity during such an emotional time.  Sincerely, Jordan and Leslie

  • Dear Reverend Virginia, Thank you for a very touching, sentimental and completely wonderful ceremony!  Your words and delivery were straight from the heart.  Love, Jerry and Jean

  • Dear Virginia, Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony. Your kind manner and encouraging words will stick with us always.  You made the day so special.  Love, Nancy and Gene

  • Virginia, Your ceremony was special beyond our hopes.  So many people have commented on the beauty of the service (especially the rose part)!  With Love, Barbara