Sand Ceremony Bud Vase Sand Ceremony Bud Vase Sand Ceremony Bud Vase Sand Ceremony Bud Vase

The Sand Ceremony Bud Vase: The pictures above show actual vases taken home by our bridal couples. Each vase has a lovely raised embossed rose. The bud vase not displaying the rose (i.e., the first picture) is merely turned around, so you see the vase from a different perspective. Each finished vase is unique, as the bridal couple pour the colored sands into the vase at their wedding ceremony. Typically, each ceremony uses three distinct colored sands. In the first three examples above, the groom is represented by the Light Blue sand, the bride by the Pink sand and God and/or the family and friends of the couple in support of the marriage by the White, or neutral sand, poured by the Minister.

The Personal Touch: The fourth vase (i.e., far right) uses four sand colors. Note the sand at the bottom of the vase. This vase was further personalized, as our bride and groom brought sand from their favorite beach that they oft-times frequented near their home. The colors here are Deep Black for the groom, Bright Red for the bride and White for the Minister with the added touch of Local Beach Sand at the bottom.

Ceremonial Glassware: Specialized Wedding Services provides the lovely bud vase, pouring glasses and colored sands used to perform the Sand Ceremony. Our bud vase and glassware have been specifically selected to allow the bud vase to be filled completely, after all sands have been ceremonially poured. We also permanently seal the sand into the bud vase following the ceremony.

Color Selection: We typically have the Light Blue, Pink and White sands on hand. However, the bridal couple may select any combination of three sands from our color chart, below. Please note that the color depicted in the color chart is only a representation of the actual color. Printed colors may vary from actual sand color. If we do not have your desired colored sands in inventory, a special order will be placed with the company providing the sand. It usually takes about three weeks for us to receive the requested order. (Rush orders are available at a premium.)

Sand Ceremony Color Chart
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